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I'm here for a good time, not a long time. I'm wayyyyyyy up, I feel blessed.

Hayden Matthews

Hoge Happiness Conductor
Jul 15, 2021
I will never understand why our species puts so much stock into the opinions of others blindly. Here at HOGE, I've seen first hand the ignorant vitriol that comes my way at times, but when intellectual discourse is not an option for the vitriol typing trolls that hide their insecure souls behind burner accounts with fleeting unimaginative one liners (put some thought into these empty shots at least, be creative), backed by poor writing skills and lazy sentence structure, I cant help but have empathy for these emotionally insecure humans. Even the ones that come my way. Regardless, I thank humans like that for spending their unreturnable seconds to let me know what they think. I was waiting on pins and needles to hear their articulate thoughts stood up by magic facts.

In light of all the recent conversations around HOGE, I wanted to take a moment to visually remind everyone what HOGE has done in its short 11 months of life and without VC funds, a dev wallet or a paid community. I know, I know, what project on earth much less on any blockchain could EVER have a shot to be successful in those types of start up conditions? You see, that's just the thing, it is not the most optimal way to start a successful project, business or protocol in todays day and age but it is exactly what HOGE has done and the attached PDF illustrates the immutable facts. A deployed multi-layered tech stack on and off the chain soaked blocks, 100k holders across FIVE DIFFERENT chains, the original meme DAO that's headed to physical space via the Hoge Aerospace Institute who's intent on educating anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain and the world of DeFi with HOGE University, an Association to legally empower our community to leverage the HOGE brand to their professional and creative benefit and so much more.

The point is, all the things HOGE is doing so different and incredibly well are the things that get no wide appeal, no mass love or overall respect. When that DeFi bill becomes law in Jan 2023, the things that HOGE has been unconditionally building, deploying and setting up, will be what matters most and give us the inevitaBULL global platform to showcase our robust ecosystem and decentralized autonomous organization. The clock is ticking away with no regrets. How about you?? Tick Tock goes the lazy and content mindset clock. I'm allergic to lazy minds and contentment. That's never going to be me. Not ever. That's for the keyboard warriors with dolphin tramp stamps as avatars who ingest enough chemicals to numb their feelings of reality to believe their just a smooth cool dude that's magically become the globally undisputed judge, jury and executioner of HOGE. I kind of feel bad for them when I think about it like that, real talk. The thing is, EVERYONE has their place in this short ride we call life. God bless the simple minded and confidently ignorant who prefer to play checkers in world of chess minds. They allow the unreasonable thinkers to win eternally. That's the fuel to my fire, I need them around, I need their energy to keep my HOGE tank full.


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