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Community is the #1 Utility

May 10, 2021
Hoge Nation,

I've been a long time holder and a small whale since the beginning. As a community member who really believes in HOGE, I am writing this with the best interest in mind and want this to be a new beginning. We've been through so much together...the highs of listings and lows of FUD disinformation and bear cycles with poor timing. Through the good and bad, the strong survive and we're still here focused on how we can make this project better as a whole. So many of you motivate me through my day to day with the relentless energy in promoting the best coin around, and working to build the crypto space better. It's an incredible feeling to be around that energy and be apart of this community. We have seen members and holders go far and beyond to help HOGE succeed and better the crypto we live in. This is incredibly important as we are categorized as a "meme coin" yet we mean so much more. So many of the meme/alt/new coins out there have 1 purpose, scam and rug pull. This is detrimental to not only hoge, but the crypto space in general. As hoge we want to make this a place for projects to survive and bring the community along with us. HOGE IS NOT A PUMP AND DUMP, WE ARE INEVITABULL.

Now you might be asking yourself what I am getting at? why am I taking the time to write this post? Well...simply I also want to make HOGE and the Crypto space better. We have the opportunity to set a new precedent for new coins coming in the space and protect new investors from rug pulls and scams. Lately, I've been concerned with the fractionalized HOGE communities and as a whole we need to find a way to come together, we need a vision to work towards. When HOGE wins, WE ALL WIN. Whether that is Mega Hogeman and Virtual Pangea or HAO, the stronger our community is the more we will see our other utility projects succeed.

As mentioned in the subject...OUR COMMUNITY IS THE #1 UTILITY. They are our marketing machine, idea creators, visionaries and the people who believe this. The more we invest in the HOGE community the better results we will see from any initiative...no matter what that initiative may be. We need to disregard the FUD, work together and start with the community first. I've been working with a number of great projects in the NFT world and the common theme is strong community and collaboration; it attracts talent that are always willing to lend a hand, it brings strong holders and buyers, it bring a family that will work relentlessly together for the same goal bigger than themselves.

My goal is not to spread FUD, It's actually quite the opposite. My goal is to bring a renewed focused and objective we can all buy in together. I know there is essentially the "core team" with those actively involved in the creation of projects. I have to say it is amazing to see what you all are building. However, as a long time community member, donor, buyer, etc, we cannot just turn our back on the community and say "grab the shovel" or "we didn't sign up for this". Whether you didn't know what you were getting yourself into or not...we need to focus on putting the attention on our community. If you want to be an individual contributor or project lead, I LOVE THAT....we still need community building though and not just in telegram. My ask is that we have a renewed focus on our community and how we can collectively work together for the same goal. Let's build the community back up on all platforms and not turn our backs on those who support us. FUD travels and spreads 10x faster and kills me to see the negativity, but the majority is still there and we need your support as well.

To the community, it goes both ways. We need to build each other up and not tear each other down. If all you do is spread FUD and complain, why are you still here? Move on and find another project, but also good luck on finding one that has the potential HOGE has. We don't engage with FUD. If someone is taking it too far we remove them from the community. Done. If they want to have a proactive conversation we can find a medium for that and address it. We want to attract new holders not scare them away. The fighting, FUD, and overall negativity needs to stop. When new people come in we want them to feel like they are walking on the red carpet. not walking into a hot mess.

I'm not even apart of the main team, yet I'm working behind the scenes with a number of other incredible projects to spread HOGE and build a better community. Including the BAYC, Punks, SOL Birds, Professional Athletes, etc...we one big HOGE family and it's time we recognize that again. We've been through so much together and now more than ever is the time we focus on what makes us great....community.

Community is our #1 Utility...it's time we build on that too.

All the best,
The HogeHodler
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