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Integrating Hoge into the Ecosystem

Mar 21, 2021
I understand Hoge is the brand that people can use to build but it seems to me that holding the coin itself doesn't provide much benefit tbh (other than the recent ability to use on CryptoCart.)

So Im wondering are we actually incentivizing buying, holding and using Hoge on products/projects launched within the Ecosystem?

Like Binance and BNB, can we not give Hoge holders a discount or advantages within our Ecosystem?

For example

Hogeswap - Using Hoge gives a discount on transaction fees to whichever coin people are trying to buy like on Binance
The new NFT platform - Buying with Hoge gives a discount
Virtual Pangea - DLCs, NFTS or weapons/power ups that can only be purchased with Hoge
Etc etc...
Dec 15, 2021
Yeah the discount would be great. Also Virtual Pangea will definitely use Hoge as a currency if they release other games etc. no doubt. Some utility NFTs e.g that pay Hoge as some kind of dividend would also be amazing!
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