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Hi Everyone, I'm new to forum because SUSPECT banned me from REDDIT

Dec 13, 2021
He said I was a bad boy.

I'm from Baltimore, land of bad bois, and murder capital of the State of Maryland, represent! I never committed any crimes, not even stole a pack of gum, but I am gangster so don't flex.

I like HOGE, I hold over 50M thanks to a LP on UniSwap that keeps selling my ETH and buying me HOGE (at insanely high prices, but nonetheless) so I have a shit ton of HOGE in the LP on UniSwap. I am a big golfer, I like to gamble, I ski, I smoke, I drink, and I have a wife and a child and another on the way. Here's to 2022 being the year of HOGE.

I can't believe I'm banned from Reddit, so upset :(


Reddit Number One
Apr 6, 2021
It seems you were un-banned, so you can stop whining. Posting memes making references to Adolf Hitler is not and will never be tolerated. Cheers and welcome back!

PS. Are you getting another child or another wife? Kidding! ;)
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