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Virtual Pangea next steps & clarification


Apr 5, 2021
Greetings Hoge Nation,

Given the recent discussion on what it means to be a part of the Hoge ecosystem and the complexity of properly vetting an independent project wanting to contribute to Hoge at this time, we would like to clarify the position of the Virtual Pangea project.

It is clear that in order to avoid confusion and build a strong ecosystem, there needs to be a proper channel where independent projects like Virtual Pangea can propose partnerships to the Hoge community with interactions and voting. In accordance with the values of Hoge, the most efficient way to achieve this streamlined process is to expedite the development of the DAO decentralised application.

To achieve this as soon as possible, Virtual Pangea will make a second contribution of 7000$ to the Hoge DAO DAPP development wallet. This will accumulate to 10000$ put towards Hoge DAO in funding.

Once the DAPP is completed, Virtual Pangea will propose a formal partnership with Hoge, to be voted by the Hoge community and Virtual Pangea via Hoge DAO Dapp. The partnership will seek to have both parties in agreement on ways to support the growth of both projects with clear benefits for all.

In the future, if it becomes evident that the Hoge community does not have an appetite for a project like Virtual Pangea to contribute to its ecosystem, Virtual Pangea will continue its independent development and expansion while seeking other partnership opportunities into this space. In the meantime, Virtual Pangea will continue to promote the Hoge brand via the Hogeman Origin story, including the upcoming E-gaming Marketing campaign for the Hogeman game without asking for anything in return.

On top of this, Virtual Pangea will contribute 4000$ to the Hoge University for a partnership that will conclude in creating blockchain education materials developed by the Hoge University platform and also shared by the Virtual Pangea platform, as we intend to make a longstanding contribution in the crypto space.
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