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Hoge Talks Series Nov 29 - Dec 3rd


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Mar 22, 2021
To the esteemed ladies and gentlemen of Hoge,

Tammi and I invite you to a series of live voice talks next week to discuss the path forward regarding our ecosystem and franchising. It is no secret that this community has a critical eye and skeptical approach to investing. This has sometimes manifested in roadblocks and severe negative sentiment towards people's efforts.

The heart of the issue is: we as a community should lift each other up, and to do that we need a democratized process for deciding what is "In" the hoge ecosystem, and what is "out". We are inviting members of Hoge Pups, Hoge Aerospace, Virtual Pangea, Egoh, Hoge Inc, Hoge University, NFT Marketplace, and community artists to give their input. Additionally we will field comments from the community at large.
Due to Hoge's lack of developer wallet, we simply must find a way to monetize meaningfully and without the spectre of cynicism and infighting that destroys a community.

Talks will happen:
- Monday on Twitter spaces 8pm EST
- Wednesday on Telegram 10am EST
- Friday on Discord 12pm EST

The result of these talks will be:
- A flowchart and process for how to get community support in Hoge
- A new forum on hoge nation dubbed Ecosystem, where that process can be executed
- A general understanding that we need to design a system that supports, rather than impedes, everybody's projects, if Hoge is to be successful
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