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Proposal New Idea for HOGE to bring in HEFTY money

Propose an idea or project.
Nov 17, 2021
I recently invested into a project called Wonderland. It is a fork of the very successful project called Olympus DAO.
These projects offer CRAZY APY. Not APR. APY is compounded. Regardless, I feel like if we create a fork of Olympus (this is already beyond my understanding but there are a lot of new forks out already), HOGE can be propelled into the stratosphere.

I'd encourage you guys to do a quick search for Olympus DAO to see how the project functions. I won't be able to do it justice and it is a mind-boggler to wrap one's head around.

Basically, the longer you stake HOGE, the more HOGE you receive, EXPONENTIALLY. Holding after 350 days is when it starts to really ramp the heck up.

Maybe staking HOGE wouldn't be ideal as the tokenomics are already set? Perhaps (don't shoot me for this) creating a sub-coin for HOGE that supports HOGE would be better? I have no idea. All I know is that all these new forks of Olympus are gaining substantial popularity in a matter of days, with millions in locked value by investors, and I would love for HOGE to be the next fork. This is Defi 2.0 and I was lucky enough to stumble upon these projects. I believe it's only fair that HOGE deserves to look into this and potentially profit the entire community.

Would love to hear some feedback and opinions on whether or not this would be possible/feasible.
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