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Pointing out missing deadlines is not FUD. Stop silencing people for it.


Apr 6, 2021
I get it, all day everyday people will spam "when moon, when listing, when top5" and it gets annoying especially when things are out of your control. It's one thing to remove someone who is creating lies or saying that the promise was a scam. However, it crosses a line when people point out being overpromised and under-delivered on deadlines. People aren't mad that our price is down, people are upset that we getting told stuff and then inevitably left in the dark when it falls through. Muting and silencing these voices isn't the right thing to do. The poorly done communication itself is causing people to give up on Hoge.

Example 1: People are upset on Reddit


Example 2: More people upset on lack of communication.

Example 3: On Telegram, I mentioned the fact that while everyone is focusing on this top 5 listing and that is the 24/7 focus we had a promise for a US headquarted exchange in Q3/Q4 on the roadmap and that got removed from our most current roadmap posted. Nobody even took note of it because it's 24/7 attention on the top 5 listing, but when I mention it, provide two screenshots of the old roadmap showing it and current one with it removed, I get muted by some random guy calling it "slander" while not addressing my valid point.

post 1: shows US headquarted exchange is top of roadmap for q3/q4

pic 2: highlights how it is not on our current roadmap posted on the website.


pic 3: muted with no explanation given.


Overall, Hoge needs to move in the direction of a DAO. It's hard for the community to be built on trust of promises if they aren't lived up to. Things change, delays happen, but trying to silence everyone as a bandaid to pretend everything is fine isn't how you go about things. I thought we were better than that. It's clear many developers are working quite hard to make things work and I am highly optmistic as is everyone else, but there needs to be more professional channels of communication happening.
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