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"battle of HOGE bots" more burning

Nov 11, 2021
Hello, I have an idea for HOGE community. BTW, sorry for mistakes, as English is not my native language.
The main idea is to create a project which will stimulate people to send/recieve HOGE, and that will increase HOGE burning rates.
1.For this we need to create new unique token BHB "battle of HOGE bots" (BHB). With every BHB transaction we will burn 2% of transacion amount. But those 2% percent will not be taken from transaction, but from all HOGE holders wallets. For example: System has 10 wallets, total token amount is 100000. Everyone has 10000. When someone sends e.g. 10000 - 2% (200) will be divided by 10 = 20. So, from all 10 wallets it will be taken 20 tokens.


And half of this (1%) will be burned forever, and another half (1%) will be added for transaction reciever wallet.

So, the one who makes more transactions will be able to get more tokens.

2. Building HOGE DEX: BHB will be traded on our decentralised exchange in pair HOGE/BHB. At the begining we will make presale 1HOGE=1BHB and there will be set maximum limit for one wallet can buy. All tokens which were not bought will remain in DEX wallet and will be managed by same rules as described above. For example we will sell on presale 40000, the rest of this will be on DEX wallet, so e.g. the exchange rate will be 1 BHB = 0.666 HOGE.
Then will be satge of exchanges, you can exchange between wallets. The one who makes more exchanges will get more tokens. Double gas fee will be paid by client.

3. Tokens distribution Also, we need to create one wallet which will not be managed by rules of burning as described above. At the beginning, it will has 1% of all tokens. From this wallet will be allowed to send tokens only to HOGE DEX. It will not be allowed to buy BHB for this wallet. This wallet will have from 0.5% to 1.5% of all tokens, so HOGE which can be bought by those BHB can be used for project needs.


We will get token which will allow for users to compete in speed of transferring tokens and get revenue from this. Exchange rate will be fluctuating because users can withdraw revenue, and new people will come who wants to compete by bots. This project will get attention, because we will have huge amount of transactions. If you are interested in - we can discuss in discord.
P.S. Initial token amounts and name are presented as an examples.
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