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Top5 Exchange Failure possibility & excess fund usage

Oct 7, 2021
Hi guys,
The messaging around the Top5 listing makes it seem a lot less certain than it was presented during the fundraising phase.
Furthermore there were some comments from Joe Rocko in the AMA tonight about what could be done with the excess funds in event of a price pump - essentially suggesting the Hoge Association will use the raised funds as a HOGE/USD speculative slush fund, and put it toward further CeX listing fees.

I'd like to encourage the Hoge Association to treat the community funds with the respect they deserve, and put any usage to a vote. Some preferable alternatives might include:
  • Return original donor funds
  • Drive addition to HOGE-ETH and HOGE-DAI LP (see my co-farming proposal in another thread). Small buys and sells cause massive prices swings due to lack of liquidity and this is a major problem to be addressed for HOGE's sustainability.


Mar 17, 2021
Lack of liquidity is a concern for sure; however, what you are suggesting would and could get us in trouble from a legal non profit standard. Hogefinance.com/donate clearly states, “The funds donated to these addresses will be used exclusively for exchange listings. Any excess funds will be used for the next listing.”

Doing what you ask could result in us getting in trouble from a legal perspective; however, I think the only work around would be if the community issues a poll and there is an agreement to use the funds elsewhere.
May 19, 2021
During the fundraising, phase sounded like it was a done deal once we raised the money, but it seems that we had to reapply as any other random token would from start. Need to wait for a listing date and logistics to transfer the money is one thing, but suddenly they need to run another background check that can take weeks? A little concerned now, maybe the fundraising wasn't clear enough.


Reddit Number One
Apr 6, 2021
Good afternoon all, could we get an official "message" from JRocko or Hogeman regarding the current status of the Top 5 listing exchange? I very well know that it is being currently reviewed, and that things might be uncertain, but the troop on Reddit are getting concerned. What are the actual chances of the listing being denied and so on? We need a clear line of communication throughout all the platforms.

Appreciate all that you do!
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