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Hoge DAO updates


Apr 5, 2021
Hello Hoge Nation!

As per the existing Hoge DAO Roadmap announced in July ((https://nation.hoge.finance/threads/270/) the following progress has been made:

Hoge DAO Development team to build the tech and the operational dapp.

Hoge Historian project lead and security

Durendal- Solidity Developer

Kurtis- Full stack developer

Laurentz- Front End developer

Gorest E - Front End developer

Tammi- Community support and operations

DAO development and progress to decentralisation:
  • Hoge Community governance tool dapp, is in the late stage of development requiring testing and security audit. ETA for alfa product is the end of Q4 (caveat: all testing is successful).
  • Hoge DAO Leadership election/ DAO Governors- as soon as the DAO dapp has passed all security tests, the election campaign can be formalised using the dapp and the community will vote to elect the individuals running for DAO Governors positions, their responsibilities and incentives. Details of the DAO governance can be found in the proposal voted by the community "Hoge DAO Phase 2 update: the Governance transition to a DAO" (link above).
  • Hoge 2.0 and brand use and vision (https://nation.hoge.finance/threads/294/) has helped Hoge brand to be used on creating a greater variety of independent projects (e.g.: Hoge Aerospace Institute Inc, Hoge. Inc. Hoge University, Hoge Marketplace, Virtual Pangea, Cryptic Pixel, etc.) all providing Hoge brand exposure, utility to the ecosystem and looking attract and to generate revenue for Hoge.
Hoge DAO dapp full capabilities will be provided via a future specific update. Below are a number of the dapp capabilities.
  • Community members can submit initiatives via the dapp for community approval.
  • Community members can use the dapp as a taskrabbit/patreon type of tool for content creation or other gigs.
  • Community projects can be submitted via the DAO dapp for fundraising/ crowdfunding and community approval.
  • The community can submit proposals on how to run the administrative side of Hoge.
  • The community can vote on future major decisions including but not limited to donation campaigns, Ecosystem funding, Hoge smart contract changes.
  • The community can submit proposals for the existing DAO roadmap to be amended with viable solutions to support the DAO development and growth.
  • Hoge assets will be transferred to the Hoge DAO after a period of trials and DAO stabilisation.
Other items to note:
  • The first funds for the DAO development have been donated by Virtual Pangea. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x952356cb44df899dc2b623ee4f88ddc09aae36039cc626c96f7eb6cf689d0e13
  • The existing grant application to attract more funding to the DAO is still pending decision and this element is not something Hoge can influence.
  • Hoge Historian as the main leader of the DAO project will accommodate more formalise updates during the future AMA.
  • All community members with technical skills that are willing to support the development and help build faster the DAO tech but also another administrative task can reach out to Hoge Historian and Tammi.
With all of this in mind, as soon as the DAO dapp will be fully functional, the community adoption and community members stepping up to participate in the Leadership elections will the cornerstone of the Hoge DAO success. This will support Hoge efforts to lead the space with a functional decentralised governance system, empowering all community members, and facilitating to the growth of the Hoge ecosystem.

I would like to thank the DAO Devs for their amazing efforts, dedication and time for all the progress made.

I am very excited to see Hoge Ecosystem evolving and the power of our community will be enhanced by the DAO.

Hoge to the moon!


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Apr 5, 2021
Great stuff. Thanks for the work you and all the other members of the team. I really appreciate your work in taking hoge to the next level. Well done guys
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