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Virtual Pangea details and benefits to Hoge


Apr 5, 2021
Virtual Pangea has been introduced to the Hoge community on the 30th of September with the following details :


Since then, more information has been provided regarding the objectives of Virtual Pangea to be delivered in Q4 via the Twitter post below :

As the Virtual Pangea project progresses, exact details of the Q4 roadmap will be revealed in due course as well as the full project roadmap starting Q1 2022.

To reiterate the details and add more specifics of the Stage 1 partnership between Virtual Pangea and Hoge:

Hoge University :

Virtual Pangea will form a partnership with Hoge University as it will provide funding to the university in return for educational content that will help attract new individuals to the crypto space, which also leads to Hoge. This material will be promoted via several marketing campaigns funded by Virtual Pangea. The funding provided will cover all Hoge University operational expenses for one 1 year, allowing the university to develop and further adding value to the Hoge ecosystem.

Hoge DAO

Virtual Pangea will also make an initial donation of 3000$ to the Hoge DAO development to support existing operational expenses and help the DAO developers to deliver the Hoge community DAO dapp as per the existing DAO roadmap. This is an important milestone for the Hoge DAO and the Hoge community.

Hoge Association and support for Twitter verification

Virtual Pangea will support all expenses for the Hoge Association registration with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. This last element will help Hoge Finance with the Twitter registration campaign, providing Hoge with a legal vehicle to facilitate a strong case with Twitter and make Hoge stand out from all other meme tokens. The Twitter registration campaign will take up to 60-90 days and the case study for the verification will be built around Hoge University and Hoge Association.

VP Developers and volunteers for Hoge:

The Virtual Pangea dev team has 10 members with the exact skills needed to make stage 1 a success. All developers are paid for the work done. A number of the developers are also active with other Hoge projects and now have additional incentives to remain in the community and build forward. The intent for Virtual Pangea at Stage 2 (2022) is to build a successful project to allow more individuals to leave their non-crypto day job and follow their passions in the crypto/blockchain/web 3 world by working with VP, which directly benefits Hoge.

Hoge brand awareness and marketing:

In terms of using the brand, all of the content Virtual Pangea made so far has been promoting the Hoge brand, including the story of the Hogeman hero that will play an important part in the crypto educational campaign, explaining his journey in the cryptoverse. This will have an element of cross-marketing between Hoge Finance and Virtual Pangea adding value both ways.

Stage 2 benefits:

The Virtual Pangea legal structure is being built as a Startup business for Stage 2 in order to attract strong partnerships and investors and to allow the project’s utility to develop and expand successfully. As announced in the first Hoge Nation post (https://nation.hoge.finance/threads/316/), in Stage 2 (2022), Virtual Pangea will make a large donation to Hoge DAO war chest, so Hoge ecosystem can have funding to expand by building utility and support community initiatives (pay devs, exchanges, marketing, etc).

Final thoughts:

Hoge had no mechanism to bring institutional levels of funding, now there is a possibility. Hoge had no mechanism to pay people other than donations, now there is one. If someone leaves their non-crypto day job and works with VP, which directly benefits Hoge, that is a net win for everyone given that we all have been working on Hoge in our free time. With the funding, this project can bring we can hire people to work one Hoge full time for several years starting in 2022.

We would like to see similar opportunities brought in to Hoge, given that the Hoge brand is opened for use by the community and these types of endeavours will allow the expansion of the ecosystem, adding value to the community, and open doors for new investors and community members.

Andreea, Mesh, SaintC (VP co founders) and Hoge community members since the early days.
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