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HOGE Theory Optimal

Hayden Matthews

Hoge Happiness Conductor
Jul 15, 2021
As I sit in front of several computers at 3:19am, with my ear drums intoxicated by the undeniable beat found on 'Jail" by Kanye West, I catch myself plotting the inevitaBULL HOGE Takeover and take a pause, a deep breath and step back for a moment.....πŸͺ‘πŸ₯

How in da FOOK did I get so unnaturally lucky to find the realest project in da GAME?! In a world of humans dying from starvation, no access to water and no safe place to store their earned wealth, I get to worry about sticking to our incredible marketing calendar bringing more HOGE smiles to the great HOGE Nation and spreading HOGE EVERYWHERE.:)πŸ˜„β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜†πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜Š

Perspective can be humbling AF yo and for me, it always helps to take a moment and soak it all da way uPPPPP!⬆️

There isn't a reality where I have the right to complain about ANYTHING. Too often, we unconsciously take for granted the very gifts and beauty that life has temporarily gifted us. This doesn't happen by chance or accident, this happens because it's how our species has been conditioned to NOT think and NOT appreciate. Somewhere along the recent human evolution process, we skipped a step and a new generation was born without the ability to think about anyone other than themselves. Helping others is considered inconvenient, showing kindness and compassion became a form of weakness and just being a good focking person became a bad look. WTF yo. πŸ†˜

Today, people at scale prefer flexing on da gram over flexing on da REAL. Da burbs are filled with validation seeking neighbors trying to keep up with the Ned Flanders of the world just to get that self worth cup filled up. Somewhere along the way, we became insecure, shallow, selfish and craving instant gratification to numb reality, if only for a wavering moment. The self serving mindset permeates at every turn and corner these days and the blockchained gangs are not immune from this either. πŸŽοΈπŸ‘œπŸ’ŽπŸ’°πŸ˜οΈ

We have a not so silent mental war on our hands and that's what makes HOGE so important in this day and age. We are here to tangibly improve the personal, professional and financial lives of EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Day by day, we will continue to create, build and provide the tools, resources, and opportunities people need in order to fill their Deeper DeFi education gap up so they can better understand this beautiful world and leverage the technology to improve their lives. πŸ› οΈπŸ”β›οΈ

The industry as it stands today, is filled with generational stabilizing opportunities. The market is in its infancy and there are many speed bumps that still need to be smoothed out before mass global adoption can come to fruition. In fact, if you hop onto Zip Recruiter right MEOW🐈 ,the Blockchain world is accepting applications for thoughtful leaders, innovative innovators, go to market masters, busy builders, case study savants, and so much moreeeeeee and only half a brain is required to participate. NO shirt, NO shoes, FULL SERVICE typpa opportunities.πŸ©°πŸ‘•

The facts are CLEAR AF.

  • LESS THAN 8% current WORLD-WIDE blockchain adoption.πŸ€ͺ
  • Current Crypto MC is ONE point NINE TWO foooking TRILLION. (mic dropping hard af here)
  • Blockchain technology is quietly being integrated into every facet of the world we live in TODAY. 🌎
  • The Metaverses and Augmented Realities are going to be as familiar as Coca Cola by the end of the decade.πŸͺ ( Are YOU ready player ones and twos?!)
  • HOGE is going to da MUDDER FOCKING MOON.🌚
So when I get asked things like "what's going on with HOGE?" or see ignorance in social comments asking "Is HOGE dEaD?" you know what i do?!☠️

I start to form ah shit eating grin on my face that causes my dopamine to release and my adrenaline begins its pumping protocol. I must say CoNfIdEnT ignorance is the one vIrUs that I lurve to deal with over and over and over again. 😷

It reminds me how early we are and how much opportunity is running rampant across all of da chains out there TODAY.⛓️⛓️⛓️

HOGE is underestimated. This is what I love. πŸ’Œ

Trolled souls would rather watch a project hop up to its downfall than take action to improve the quality of their own short and empty lives. 🀑


If we fall down, we will get up, back on our digital feet.🐾

To rinse and repeat and serve up a slice of that unconditional HOGE HEAT.πŸ”₯

We have tunnel vision and we study the art of HOGE THEORY OPTIMAL.🀟

We are NOT the same and WE MEME Business.πŸš―πŸ’Ό

Few AF.......
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