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New Funding Opportunity for Hoge


Mar 17, 2021
Hoge Nation,

We are bringing a new opportunity to the Hoge ecosystem! For the past few months, we have been exploring different methods to generate revenue for Hoge to fuel its development. The continued growth of Hoge as a whole is very much dependent on our community's ability to be innovative in the crypto space and to adapt nascent technologies. With this in mind, we are presenting a new tangible funding opportunity that will assist in the stabilization of the Hoge ecosystem.

  • What is happening now (Stage 1)
    • Cofounders: Saint C, Andreea M, Mesh.
    • Establish a Swiss entity and a Gaming Studio.
    • Fundraising campaign to develop a gaming platform and a gaming studio with a lot of the work already in progress.
  • What is happening in the near future
    • Release of a Hoge themed game to promote the Hoge image to a broader audience.
    • Launch of a platform to attract new individuals to the crypto space by using NFTs, gaming and educational content.
  • What is happening in 2022 (Stage 2)
    • Full development of a gaming platform.
    • Attract institutional investors.
    • Release utility token for the platform.
  • Benefits to Hoge (solving long term problem: funding)
    • Initial stage revenue for Hoge University and other potential partnerships with Hoge initiatives.
    • Hoge Brand recognition with development of Hoge branded content.
    • Donation to the Hoge DAO warchest in the format of a percentage of the utility tokens. Additional details are to be released as the project advances.
Stage 1

  • To support this new endeavor, all three cofounders have left or significantly reduced their involvement in their main occupations/jobs.
  • Gaming Studio and Development Team: Megahogeman, Parameter, Kasa, Issac, Pierce, Denis, Lilie, Shant.
  • Support from other team members based on their professional skills as needed (Wiser, Hayden, Tammi, Jrocko3, Reconlion, and F).

For more information, stay tuned to the following channels :

Strap in, this is a game changer for Hoge! (pun intended)

- The Virtual Pangea Team
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