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Status Update - September 8, 2021

May 29, 2021
Hello All!
Let's go! This one is a bit late because I was working on one of the projects below but here it is nonetheless! Remember the information inside here may change so please come back and re-read until the next post is up next Monday after Hayden's (our Chief Marketing Officer) weekly AMA.
Stages of Progress I am going to try a new method to quantify progress on projects. These are *rough* estimates but I hope this helps you see the relative progress that is being made with each one.
  1. Stage 1 - Concept. An idea was proposed and is the initial building stages. A project manager is being vetted, ideas are being fleshed out and research of the subject matter is being done.
  2. Stage 2 - Planning and Development. A project manager has been selected, funding is sourced or being sourced, a team is being assembled and a framework is being made.
  3. Stage 3 - Building. Code (or otherwise) is being written and the the actual digital nuts and bolts are being created.
  4. Stage 4 - Testing. The framework is done but is going through thorough verification and validation. Audits will happen at this stage too if needed.
  5. Stage 5 - Minimum Viable Product. An alpha version has been created. There are bugs to fix but a workable project is now available.
Tech Projects Updates
  1. Hoge NFT Marketplace (Stage 2.5)

    1. Project Mangers: Reconlion & Mesh. We've got a name, we've got a logo. We've got Adam & Scotty. We are currently looking for two more interested and qualified community members. A second round of opportunities will be available for the community to apply to in Q4. The selected applicants will be invited to into the HOGE non fungible creator program. This program provides creators the chance to learn about the NFT space and improve their NFT creative abilities. HOGE will also help these individuals create their genesis NFT collection and bring to it to market so they have a chance to be exposed to the professional opportunities that are waiting for them on the blockchains. We are making progress every week to bring this initiative to market ASAP!
  2. Hoge Faucet (Stage 3)

    1. Project Mangers: Hogeman. The purpose of the faucet is where anyone can go around to obtain free Hoge via redistribution from others. Doge used to have faucets in the past and many early cryptos did as a way of having people experience crypto for minimal or no investment. It allows net new audiences to join the world of crypto without making a substantial investment.
  3. Hoge eGaming arcade (Stage 3)

    1. Project Managers: Stripey & Zembahk. The two have been building silently through the nights and the HOGE Charity arcade is well into production. The Wheel of Wonder will be coming back soon and we have some games live now. Click the link to experience the fun! https://hoge.fun/
  4. Hogemint Version 3 (Stage 5)

    1. Project Managers: Hogeman. www.hogemint.com is live now. Go mint yourself an NFT if you have not done so already. They already look amazing.
  5. HAI Space Program (Stage 3)
    1. Project Managers: Hogeman & Aloe. Tons of development on this side but as HAI is its own project, I will only update the stages here. Think #NASA, #Education, #Industry, #Utility. Other coins have recently started to copy us on this end but we will prevail.
  6. HogeSwap + HogeBridge (Stage 2/3)

    1. Project Managers: Wiser & Z. Going beyond just a Uniswap clone on our website, we have been working on this as a long-term project. More details will surface over time. Please stay tuned. Did you know we are already on a Layer 2 solution (xDAi/HoneySwap) and also on Fantom (SpookySwap). How does a Solana and ADA bridge sound? Perhaps those are in store in the near future as well.
  7. GuardHoge (Stage 1)
    1. Project Managers: Davepool. HOGE as the guard dog of all crypto projects and protector of rugpulls. Leveraging our insanely decentralized community and supreme flat wallet to provide a service NO ONE else can because only HOGE is this decentralized. Article has been prepped (which was what I've been working on). Getting ready to disseminate it soon after some more internal edits.
  8. Hoge ATMs (Stage 1)
    1. Project Mangers: TBD. Wouldn't it be neat to be able to get Hoge from ATMs? Connect wallet, deposit fiat, convert to hoge or connect wallet, withdraw fiat from Hoge. Stay tuned.
  9. IRLHoge (Stage 1)
    1. Project Managers: Davepool & Z. Well, not much on this yet but I am going to prepare a proof of concept shortly. You want HOGEeverywhere and the ability to buy Hoge with fiat? Sneak preview soon.
HOGE DAO Updates
  1. Project Managers: SaintC, Mesh, Daniyal, Wiser
    1. DAO Lead Developers: Hoge Historian, Durendal, Kurtis
    2. Supporting Developers: OTC, Darth Moleman, Kupid, Zembahk, MuMu
  2. Hoge DAO Grant Application (Stage 5) - The first grant application is competed and has been submitted! The second grant application is currently a work in progress.
  3. Hoge Brand (Stage 5) - It has been open sourced and decentralized and now anyone can use the brand. There are a caveats in place. You cannot trademark the Hoge brand. You cannot make another token. You cannot use it where it is illegal and/or outside the jurisdiction where you operate.
  4. Hoge DAO Community Feedback Polls (Stage 5) - Hoge Association has developed a way to track consensus and sentiment across the different communities to vote on and/or gauge which directions to head towards.
  5. Hoge Association Website (Stage 4.5) - Final UI stage and ready to be deployed! Will be separate and apart from hogefinance.com and will cover all aspects of the association, branding, legal, etc.
  6. Hoge DAO Membership & Voting Tool (Community Campaign - Stage 3) - QA testing ETA at the end of the month. A number of volunteers will be required for the testing. Further details forthcoming!
  7. Hoge DAO Educational Materials (Stage 3) - Once the DAO is up and running, at least in an alpha format, we will need to educate holders and/or prospective holders on how to actually participate in DAO activities. 3 DAO videos on are being prepared in conjunction with Hoge University.
  8. HOGE DAO Project Crowdfunding Platform (Formerly HogeStarter - Stage 3). Imagine a TaskRabbit, Patreon, Kickstarter wherein a community-based, DAO-powered, governance token utilized way to propose ideas and get funded for them.
  9. Hoge DAO War Chest (Stage 2) - Ultimately, all revenue bearing projects will put a portion of funds into the DAO War Chest which will be then used to perpetuate further projects and perpetually grow all aspects of Hoge and all the properties and projects under the Hoge Association.
  10. HOGE DAO Governance Token (Stage 1) - Many DAOs (think Uniswap for example) utilize a governance token as a side token to perform DAO functions. We are preliminarily researching the pros and cons of how a governance token would work with the community.
May 29, 2021
Hoge University
  1. Project Managers: JRocko & Mesh
  2. The Basics - The future thought leader in consumable and value filled DeFi education will go live SOON! Whether you've been this space for years or today is your first day, HOGE university will make it fun and easy to learn about the blockchain industry. HOGE will be the repository of education available for free to everyone in the crypto space and especially for HOGE holders (learn about DAOs, staking, farming, Uniswap, DEXes, wallets, etc.)

  3. Hoge Calculator App - BETA is up! Currently reads ETH wallets, Phase II will allow for BSC wallets and eventually other blockchains. Please check it out and give feedback! https://www.hogeuniversity.org/calculator
    1. Hoge/Doge Calculator - compare Hoge vs Doge historical data, prices and when Hoge should flip Doge in terms of supply and/or market cap.
    2. Reflection Calculator - calculate how much Hoge has been earned throughout you holding Hoge this entire time. This can also be used to earmark a certain amount of reflections (essentially 'free' money) back to the community for future projects.
    3. Hoge/Million - see in an easy way how to calculate how much Hoge you will need to become a future millionaire.
    4. Ad space - we will have 1 banner ad placed on the calculator page. We will offer this space for ad revenue or as a perk to exchanges who list HOGE - “This months calculator has been sponsored by [Sponsor Name] Here.”
  4. Hoge University Content
    1. Hoge Origins Video - DONE! (discusses origins, tokenomics and community)
    2. 3 DAO lessons in a DAO Course - DONE!
    3. Lobbyist & Government Video - DONE!
    4. *Custom video with Business Development* (exciting content that will capture some attention to Hoge)
    5. Crypto Newbie Course Creation (Stage 1) - Thinking of defining basic terms such as CEX vs DEX, trust score on exchanges, wash trading, explaining fiat. If anyone has any suggestions please contract JRocko (@jrocko3) on Telegram.
    6. Cross-collaboration with Rocket Bunny regarding creation of a course on Solidity (programming language for smart contracts).
    7. Hoge University will start offering our services for writing articles, creating videos, and helping bridge the gap with other crypto communities for a fee. This fee will pay for developers to create content, pay the platform (yearly costs are approximately $3k USD). Additional revenue funds will be sent to the Association to add to the DAO war chest.
  5. De-Fi Angels - Engaged in preliminary talks with DeFi angels about creating a collaborative course in regards to searching for legitimate tokens. Again, we are using our expertise in legal formation and our reputation for being a professional organization to help the crypto world at large find valuable and quality information.
  6. Non-Profit Status - Currently looking to create a US registered non-profit and finish the website. We are about $1.4k USD away from being able to finish raising funds. Once non-profit is finished we can apply for educational grants.
  7. Future Roadmap
    1. Purchase annual accounts for video hosting and production tools. This will enable us to add all YouTube videos to an articles section and update all course videos with new hosting.
    2. Formal creation of a non-profit, Hoge University, and create a business model utilizing advertisement space for the various tools and articles under Hoge University's platform.
    3. Onboard community developers to produce a variety of educational content for cryptocurrency and DeFi. We can connect crypto projects to the community and ultimately write articles, make videos, and eventually link revenue with the Hoge Association. The general idea would allow for people to post on Hoge University and the Association and University to split profit wherein the goal is for Hoge University to become self-funding.
    4. In addition, we can offer exchanges and also other partners in the space additional incentives to list us by giving sponsor status to the website.
    5. Tighten any web security issues to make sure the platform is absolutely safe to use for people around the world.
    6. Explore videos and teaching materials in foreign languages.
Social // Event Updates
  1. Weekly AMA/Voice Chat schedule:
    1. Mondays - Twitter Spaces AMA + Telegram AMA Post Game Show
    2. Wednesday - Twitter Spaces Happy Hour (usually evening time EST)
    3. Friday - Twitter Spaces Happy Hour (4PM EST)
  2. We are in Washington DC now! One of our newest Hoge partners is literally lobbying Congress to push for crypto freedom and fighting for all of our right to own, transact and hold crypto! https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/3684 FIGHT AGAINST H.R. 3684! Further information here: https://cointelegraph.com/news/brea...s-to-infrastructure-bill-introduce-compromise
  3. Hoge Millionaire Challenge - 25 MILLION HOGE still remaining for this weekend!! Every prize will be 1 MILLION HOGE plus the top winner will get 10 MILLION HOGE! Fill out the info here! https://forms.gle/BkRB8bzURXbp3fV46
  4. 50/50 NFT/Merch Collection is almost up! Remember, 50% of the proceeds will goto a charity and 50% of the other profits will go back directly to Hoge for dev projects. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up some awesome swag and help out two communities at the same time.
  5. NFT giveaway contest! The Non-Fungible Giveaway is LIVE! For the next week you can enter this one of a kind giveaway for the chance to win some dynamic digital art and HOGE gear! We have curated a unique digital collection from the following projects. Hoge Squad, 50 Shades of Blue Cardigan, The Modern Man, Poopies and of course ourselves! There's only 5 days left so enter TODAY for your chance to win! https://gleam.io/AotAN/the-nonfungible-giveaway
  6. Please subscribe to my calendar to catch all Hoge Finance events! It is available on iCal format so anyone should be able to add it to their phone in seconds! Calendar was recently updated with additional information so subscribe to stay on top of events! https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/[email protected]/public/basic.ics
May 29, 2021
HOGE 2.0 + HOGEverywhere
  1. HOGE 2.0 - The rebirth. The more we change, the more things stay the same. Remember, nothing changes with your HOGE tokens. If you are a holder or a prospective holder, you do not need to do anything. The campaign name is meant to convey the level up is coming is many ways that aligns and operationalizes all the things HOGE naturally does so well - a Rebirth if you will.

    1. Wheel of Wonder - With our Wheel of Wonder we plan to have DAILY incentives to be a HOGE holder and create higher levels of retention. What's this mean? Farms, LPs, staking, prizes, etc. The Wheel of charitable wonder will become a way to incentive community members to give back to the charitable organizations we partner with and provide a gaming experience that includes a HOGE infused gift with every spin. This experiential HOGE initiative will authentically help engage holders , retain net new holders & provide our partners with a fun way to give back to their charity partners. This IP will take HOGE from a donation based business model to a revenue positive endeavor.
    2. Website - **Get Ready**
    3. Social Media Automation - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram and so on, we are working on aligning and automating and all of our other social channels will be operating like a synchronized swimming team. Our automation alignment protocol has been activated to ensure all HOGE curated content is amplified in an operationalized manner in order to drive the results that matter most.
    4. Twitter - **Get Ready**
    5. Reddit - I am very pleased to announce that our Reddit traffic has been on fire. Our August traffic greatly exceeded our July traffic and we've been adding subscribers at a faster clip than the past several months. People are hearing about HOGE and people are coming to see our community. When we build, people will come.
    6. Telegram - Do you want to talk about Hoge with others in real-time? A vast majority of the people building are on Telegram and usually get back to you very quickly. We also have impromptu AMAs or discussions in the voice chat as well. If you want to be on the ground level of HOGE please join our very active Telegram community!

    7. E-mail Blast - Our first series of e-mails were blasted out! Do yourself a favor and take a moment to go to HOGE finance and sign up for the e-mail list if you have not already! Go to https://hoge.finance/ to sign up!
  2. HOGEverywhere - Whether its HOGE NFTs, #HOGEeverywhere swag, or a custom HOGE meme profile image, we plan for HOGE to be everywhere. Literally. #HOGEeverywhere merch shirts are coming that will include a QR code on them so when you're waiting in line at Starbucks people can just privately grab their phone scan that QR code and you can take them to our sites and our channels and have them learn and demystify everything that about HOGE.

    1. #HOGEinDifferentAreaCodes - Take a picture of yourself repping HOGE and let's see how far HOGE's reach is. Tag yourself in Germany, in London, in Cancun, in Barbados, and yes even in Delaware. We want to showcase to the world on a visual level, how HOGE is everywhere. At the end add "Use the tag #HogeInDifferentAreaCodes so we can find all your posts!

    2. Operation TAG - Crypto tends to have a few celebrities or influencers that get tagged the most (see Elon) but still the vast majority of people are not familiar with crypto. Let's go out and start tagging other famous people that are not familiar with Hoge or crypto in general. For example, I reached out to some NBA players recently on Twitter and I even send some tweets to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Go out and tag your favorite Twitter personalities along with a #HOGEeverywhere tag.
    3. Merchandise - See above, we are planning a new initiative which will push the HOGEeverywhere concept even further than before. A part of that is to create a universal merchandise platform that will sell many, many different products as well as integration with crypto.

  3. Media - The first series of USA Today article has dropped as well as shareable Facebook links to come. Expect more articles to drop on USA Today and other media outlets. Huge articles and stories expected to drop very soon. Remember, this is a catalyst but our path to HOGEeverywhere is not for a sudden pump but a rising tide that grows slowly but ultimately more stable and powerful than an unsustainable pump.
  4. eGaming
    1. Upon the heels of our very successful Adam & Scotty venture we plan to have another eGaming event in 1-3 weeks but this time we will be entering into the world of professional sports (e-soccer tournament with some big names on Twitch)
    2. We had another successful livestreaming Rocket League event just on Saturday and will continue to host and participate in partnerships and prizes as another revenue idea. We are looking to formulate a CS:GO team as well as any LoL or Starcraft (I or II) players. Please contact or DM Wiser on Telegram (@Wiser29) or Hogeman on Telegram (@hogemanog).
    3. Check out the CRYPTIC NEXUS RL League! Please register your team on the website and sign-up for the league THIS WEEK so you can be included in the campaign ads! https://smash.gg/tournament/cryptic-nexus-rocket-league/details
    4. Hoge Man (Mega Man) is an absolutely epic port of the original NES MegaMan but in the HOGE style! Check out our very own game by Eamonn! https://twitter.com/MegaHogeMan
    5. If you have not already please check out https://hoge.fun The HOGE charity arcade will provide a 24/7 donating experience for EVERYONE to enjoy!
  5. Help Wanted
    1. New Markets - We are actively looking to penetrate the Asian market. If you are interested in joining our team to reach out to other Asian based platforms (WeChat) and bring in new investors please contact the marketing team ([email protected]).

    2. Artists & Animators - Do you get a kick out of seeing our Hoge bulldog dance, move or do other cute or funny things? We think animated Hoge would be a great way to promote our meme concepts and to deliver some really fun content to new markets!
 Please contact the marketing team! ([email protected])
    3. UX/UI Designers - We are in need of some kickass UX/UI designers! Do you want to design beautiful layouts and integrate your ideas into various Hoge projects? We've got a home for you. Please contact reconlion (@reconlion) on Telegram or [email protected]
    4. Have you ever taken an enneagram test? It is similar to a Myers-Briggs test but I personally think it is superior. If you want to have some fun try taking the test and let us know below what number you got! Maybe we can add you to a team or maybe you can be a project manager on any number of projects! We've had great success with this and it was also super fun to know more about people! Got a lot of people across the board and we found some people willing to help out in a variety of projects! https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test
  6. Donations // Charity
    1. Congratulations to the Hoge Aerospace Institute for winning our first $10k USD!! Very excited to be pushing the boundaries of Hoge out to space! We will have another $10k USD donation to a charity this month!
    2. I know all of us can't donate money for various projects but if you have some time to spare you can donate that for Hoge. One of our beloved members, Mamma Kass, has used this in the past and has vouched that it has worked for her. Give it a try! www.rewardxp.com
May 29, 2021
  1. A Top 5 exchange (Non-US are Binance, Huobi, Kucoin) wants to sign with Hoge and list us on their exchange. As JRocko says "This is a LIFE changer". The absolute best part though? A large amount of the money that is being raised can be further re-cooped if we hit certain requirements (i.e., volume). This means that we will have a chance to essentially double-dip our investment.
  2. Two bonus exchanges! We've received word that upon listing with a Top 5 exchange that have received confirmation we will be added to two more top level exchanges! The details are not clear as to whether or not we need to bring additional liquidity but either way the Top 5 exchange clearly paves us toward more exchange listings!
  3. USA Exchange - Audit ✔ Legal ✔ Community ✔ Non-security ✔ How many coins such as ours (meme powered + DeFi) are on US exchanges? Outside of Doge almost ZERO. HOGE will most likely be one of the first and one of the only tokens to be listed by one of them. Are we working on this? Will we be on a US exchange soon? 100%.

  4. Additional exchanges - We have not closed the door on any other exchanges including a very nice fiat on-ramp top 120 Global Exchange. We are looking for exchanges that help expand our brand and do not engage in wash trading (see below). If/when we get more offers or listings we will bring to the community for interest but right now due to overwhelming community sentiment we will focus on the top 5 exchange for now.
  5. Bilaxy - As you may have already heard, one of our exchanges that participated heavily in wash trading was hacked recently. Bilaxy was not a very good exchange for Hoge and a considerable amount of Hoge was hacked and subsequently sold. Our community more or less quickly bought up the dip but severe damage was done to our holders. On one hand, losing Bilaxy could be a net positive but having our holders be hurt is a net negative. I, and others, have been personally monitoring the Bilaxy situation in order that our holders be made whole again.Hurting one Hoge holder hurts us all - let's hope Bilaxy does right and reimburses all affected holders.


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