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Friday September 3 Marketing AMA - Written Summary

Apr 9, 2021
Friday Sep 3 Marketing AMA / Twitter Spaces Recap:

- "New site in next 7 days"
- Next eGaming event will be formally announced next weekend with details
- "Expect the disruption to continue"
- Bridging and humanizing the Hoge brand to resonate with mainstream, day by day
- Hoge University is in beta mode, there are courses, articles
- Hoge Calculator coming with wallet data, reflections, etc.
- Hogemint v3 is Live Now for 1 week!
- Hoge Aerospace Institute more updates coming Q4 2021
- Hoge Millionaire Challenge still ongoing!
- International Hoge Day?

Special Guest Anthony (Juan Archuleta's Brother):
- Hoge working with Juan Archuletta for "Genesis NFT
Collection" with Charitable Cause for Inmate Rehabilitation
(Will encompass his beginnings to a Champion and beyond)

Thought I'd share this here on Hoge Nation and on Telegram, enjoy Hoge Fam! Just bought some more Hoge on PancakeSwap and wow, smooth, fast, low gas fees, and 0.1% slippage, love to have the options! #HogeEverywhere :)

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