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Hoge Twitter Army! (Now Recruiting - Only takes 2 minutes per day!)


Apr 6, 2021
Hi everyone,

Everyone knows that social media can be a powerful platform for outreach, but did you know a coordinated effort can go twice the distance! Now introducing our private telegram twitter pump army!

The way it works is as a group we identify a few tweets per day and all together fav/rt/comment on these tweets. Sure you might say, "can't I just follow @HogeFinance" and while that is great, the goal here is to make those small hidden gem tweets by other accounts more visible by all blowing them up at once! By doing that it makes more people aware of the hype around Hoge. The more engagement the more the Twitter algorithm will push for the tweet to show up on other people's feeds.

With that said here is all you need to know:

1) Must have or create a free Twitter account. (Please have a photo, bio, etc to not look like a fake bot)
2) We will tag in our Telegram a few tweets per day. Please make every effort to rt/fav the tweets within 24 hours! Remember it takes everyone to succeed!
3) Sit back and relax as all our collective 2-3 minutes per day makes out community grows exponentially.

If you are interested feel free to join: https://t.me/HogeMarketing

Any questions or suggestions feel free to reply here! Thanks!
Dec 15, 2021
Been tweeting about HOGE a lot, but got blocked from the telegram, because I shared a tweet to get more people to retweet, like and reply on itšŸ˜ž
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