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Wen Moon - Should Hoge Strengthen Its Roots in DeFi; End the Wen

Mar 30, 2021
My morning peruse of the Hoge TG / Discord lands inevitably resulted in coming across numerous posts regarding:

  • Wen Moon
  • Wen Lambo
  • What Price in 5yrs

The thing I was seeing tho, was these being questions from newcomers. As someone who has a financial background, a development background, a research background, the inner machinations of crypto in general are anything but convoluted. The math, the why, the future - all makes sense to me. But, it's painfully clear that the larger crypto crowd doesn't even have a brick of foundation of what crypto aims to solve.

To take the broken fiat money system we have, and place the fiscal policies back into the hands of its users. To decentralize and force each participating members to be ultimately responsible for every choice they have in the system.

What can we at Hoge do to strengthen the DeFi roots such that we could start a mentality shift in what Hoge can be, rather than it simply being a potential ballooning asset - of which, if not solidified in the new crypto crowd of problems Hoge could solve, becomes illiquid and something only bought and sold, and not solving the issues at large?

Should we have community education days + a watch this video before you start your Hoge journey when new people stop by LOL.

Any thoughts, nation?
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