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Hoge 2.0 updates : Brand use and vision


Mar 17, 2021
Greetings Hoge Nation,

Until the DAO is fully operational, the Hoge Association will be led by the Hoge Leadership team, as set out in the proposal posted here https://nation.hoge.finance/threads/270/, which passed 55-1.

Hoge 2.0 Brand vision:

- All uses of the Hoge brand are implicitly permitted except in a
way that is illegal in the jurisdiction in which the brand is used.
- The user of the Hoge brand will be responsible for, and bear
any liability arising from, their usage of the Hoge brand.
- The Hoge brand can not be trademarked anywhere else.
- The Hoge brand cannot be used to launch another token.

By opening the usage of the brand, all community members are empowered to create, build and collaborate around Hoge , while the Hoge Association will have more flexibility and ability to build new partnerships with the purpose of expanding the Hoge ecosystem.

Hoge Association website will be live soon and will bring to life Hoge's great story and a new roadmap. More details coming soon.

Hoge 2.0 is becoming a reality built on core values of Hoge:

1. Hoge is "Doge but Defi". It is a superior alternative and heir to Doge with (1) deflationary tokenomics and autostaking rewards for holding, (2) a flat wallet distribution, and (3) the ability to interact directly with smart contracts and dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, among others.

2. Memes — #WeMemeBusiness. Hoge gave birth to the Defi memecoin wave of 2021, which included the likes of Safemoon, Shiba and BabyDoge. Yet no other token, except the grandfather of all memecoins (Doge), has produced the same amount or quality of memes. Hoge will continue to be the leader in the Defi memespace, and seeks to overtake Dogecoin as the #1 leading meme cryptocurrency.

3. Charity. Hoge has raised over $60,000 to date for various causes, including animal rescues such as the International Animal Rescue and English Bulldog Rescue of Ontario, Patriot Paws, First Responder's Children's Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Humane Society, and others. We hold charity as one of our core values, and will continue to support charitable efforts by our community with the new Hoge-Whitebit Charity campaign over the next 5 months.

4. Accessibility and Education — #HOGEeverywhere. Hoge intends to be available to everyone, everywhere. We seek to be an entry ramp for newcomers to crypto, and will provide education about cryptocurrency to all. We will continue to seek listings and integrations on multiple popular exchanges and payment platforms, and increase Hoge's use as a digital currency, not just a store of value. We seek to make Hoge available on all major blockchains, and integrate Hoge into useful dApps everywhere.

5. Community — #TokenizeYourPassion. Hoge will continue to build and nurture a strong, connected community. It will encourage community efforts such as the Hoge Aerospace Institute (HAI), the Hoge Squad NFT Series, and the Patriot Paws Charity Stream, and will create opportunities for community members to turn their dreams into reality. This may involve usage of the Hoge brand and communication channels, networking opportunities, tax and legal advice, and opportunities for fundraising. These community efforts will build off of each other and create a vibrant, decentralized ecosystem of Hoge use cases.

6. Organic Growth — #WeAreAllTheDevs. Hoge was a fair launch project, with no team tokens and no developer wallet. The team had to buy their own Hoge, just like everybody else. While this has created certain challenges like needing to fundraise community for listings, the unpaid/organic nature of Hoge's community leaders and prominent community members such as Scotty Sire, Adam Rose, Tommy Smokes, and Francesco Bonami is something Hoge is proud of.

To underline these statements and to answers any questions from the community, a special AMA will be held on Monday, August 16th at 2:00PM EST on Twitter Spaces with the following panel : Hayden, Reconlion, F, Mesh, Wiser, Andreea and Saint C.

See you all there!


- Hoge Association
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