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The Weekend of Wheeless Wonder

Hayden Matthews

Hoge Happiness Conductor
Jul 15, 2021
HOGE NATION what upppp!

As I sit in front of my computer at 3:09 am, like I do 7 days a week 20 hours a day, I think to myself, "The HOGE community is wondering where in the hopeful HOGE is that Wheel of Wonderous Wonder?! The technical answer is that the wheel is chillin on an HTML page collecting some digital dust. The wheel is alive and well but it's currently sidelined until we finalize a few technical compliance items.

Essentially, The wheel JUICE, is not worth the wheel SQUEEZE. (at the moment)

When the wheel matures and begins its 24/7 hurricane like bender, it will UNDOUBTEDLY, become an integral part of the way HOGE gives back to charitable organizations.

In addition, it'll serve as one of the HOGE DAOs dependable operating $treams. We are a decentralized autonomous organization in the eternal making and one of the most important objectives to initially execute on is creating the streams of revenue to SUSTAIN and GROW our project.

It's because of this, that we need to make sure the first wheel iteration is set up to be in a position to have long term stability and success that we EXPECT from it.

And EVERYONE here knows that Uncle Ben told us, " With great POWER, comes great RESPONSIBILITY". HOGE has the legitimate chance to be the thought leaders in the self empowering BLOCKchained SPACE. Our project was built by the PEOPLE and is made to better the everlasting LIFE quality trajectories for the PEOPLE!πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

Whether it's digestible DeFi edge-ah-my-cation, DONATING to incredible organizations or BUILDING the next wave of SMARTER contracts, we are here to help humanity and provide the tools, resources and knowledge to make it possible for ANYONE (with a phone and an internet connection) to have a chance to get THEIRSSSSSSSSS! (yo)

SO basically, we better be sure AF this wheel is UP to SNUFF without ANY shred of DOUBT from HEAD to TOE yo.

Right now, too many doubt shreds BUT worry NOT, the WHEEL IS COMING THIS MONTH! We are close to being ready but unfortunately wont be in time for the event this weekend. We owe it to our project, ourselves and to Dennis, to make sure this wheel spins like it was going out of style.

And out of style it will spin.

And spin.

And Spin. (and keep on spinning)

Stay Patient. Stay Ready.


Adam & Scotty vs The World is this Sunday at 5pm PT , (8pm ET) on the HOGE Gaming Twitch channel. We've decided to have some fun tomorrow and run a few contests to give away the spots to play with Adam and Scotty on stream. Keep an eye out on the social channels tomorrow for more info to drop.πŸ’§

The FIRST EVER HOGE Weekly email blast dropped earlier today (yesterday at this point)! It focused on promoting the Adam & Scotty NFT drops and is a great new tool to better disseminate information to our community moving forward. The email blast throttled* and I just received confirmation that the majority of the email blast list did not receive the email as a result. I believe we've resolved the issue moving forward and will send it again and monitor the throttling so it throttles TF down.

We're a little over 12 hours into the NFT drops and at the moment it appears 13 Shades of Cardigan Blue have vanished and the entire Chrome collection of the Modern Man (10) are off the market and gone foreverrrrrr. That's very exciting and encouraging for what's to come in the world of HOGE Powered NFTs. Our NFT marketplace is in motion and we are excited to see that project come to fruition and have our own native environment to build and create on.

HOGE 2.0 The Rebirth!
Refreshed site and aligned look and feel. The site is going to be ready very soon! It's been a labor of passionate focking LOVE in the making and will be a machine of execution and audience discovery and capture. We have ALOT coming to our beautiful WORLD very soon!

The first piece of HOGE curated content being published on one of the largest news media networks in America is scheduled to drop on 08/15! It will be the first of many original pieces we bring to their digital channels and will be a great step in mainstream audience discovery efforts. There's an entire world of uninformed audiences who would go HAM for HOGE if it was rolled up to them correctly.

This is mission mainstream roll up to discover the untapped audiences and demystify our project on a level that relates to everyone , EVERYWHERE!

Like, #HOGEeverywhere.

OK it's the focking morning again and i need to enable my rest protocol and make the effort to be more balanced with my family and HOGE life this weekend. If I say it out loud on the internet it will keep me accountable.

MY wife yoooooooooooooo - she has some super hero patience powers - I am LIVING PROOF! God bless you princess!

people. go make the (balanced) MOST OF IT while there's still time on the clock!

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