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Dirty Finance Collab


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Mar 22, 2021
Dear Hoge Nation,

Dirty Finance has recently become enamored with Hoge and started to create some crossover art. They're a redistribution token with a team wallet that works in the Hentai NFT genre: https://dirty.finance/

We have quite a few holders in the community of both $DIRTY and $HOGE, so they felt both communities could get something out of a NFT drop with minor hoge branding. An example is attached. They've put together a few pieces of art which will be turned into NFTs and "sold" via their staking mechanism, not unlike how CHONK operates. Details are on their website.

Terms of the collaboration: To date, there have not been any terms negotiated for money exchanging hands. I've spoken with the lead developer Billy, and we're both supportive of the idea but have yet to agree on any specifics. Due to the inability for Hoge to properly partner with crypto or regular businesses, I prefer not to tell them to wait. As it stands, we don't know which wallet to send revenue share to, or how that is divided up among the different Hoge efforts once it does have revenue. If they get ready to launch before Hoge has figured itself out, I'll ask for 10% of profit sent to the main hoge foundation wallet in the form of ETH or a stable coin.

Controversy: Different cultures handle nudity in unique ways. It's no secret that porn can be a controversial topic. For this reason I asked them to keep it to the "softcore" category.

Vetting: As for the project, I've investigated the contract and chatted with the developer. I don't believe them or their community to be at risk in any way, except in the event that the developers should get bored and leave the project. Due to their hard work just on the Hoge art & staking contract, I feel confident Dirty Finance isn't vaporware.

Full Disclosure: The idea came from a community member saying, "We should get Hogeman paid. Lets see if Dirty wants to do a collab." However, I'm not getting paid directly from this.

With all that said, please help me welcome Dirty to the Hoge community!


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May 26, 2021
Love the write-up and behind you 100% of the way!

Collab is what it’s about imo across ALL of life, crypto included.

A global community is what we strive for and what blockchain makes possible.

Embrace it, adapt,and overcome the traditional boundaries which have bound our growth as humans - the DAO will make this possible and brokering these broad agreements and understandings goes a long way toward achieving that imo.

“… except in the event the developers get bored and leave the project.”

Maybe they’ll be developing for HOGE if that ever becomes the case 🙂 #BuildTheNation #collab #alwaysbuildnotdestroy


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Mar 20, 2021
great write up my dude. they look like a fun group :p
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