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Update of No Idea Collab


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Mar 20, 2021
Hoge Family!

Following a mysterious tweet by our official Twitter account, and some visitors to our Telegram, we’ve received several questions from the community about our relationship to the “NoIdea” project (noidea.money). What is No Idea? Is it a safe investment? The answers to these questions thus far have mostly been: “we have no idea”. In fact, neither do they. To quote their main developer: “We have No Idea we promise nothing, expect nothing!”

We understand these answers are unsatisfactory for some in the HOGE Community who has become accustomed to full transparency, but NOIDEA is their own independent project and Community and has a completely different approach that plays into their long term goals for the project. We respect their approach and they respect ours. Thus, we wanted to use this opportunity to provide what details we can:

The team from NoIdea, which is based on the BSC network, believes in our mission and we identified strong synergy between the two projects as we both stride towards a community driven experience.
No Idea has provided us appreciable funding, the equivalent of 10k USD (split 50/50 in BNB and their token) to sponsor the upcoming Adam & Scotty vs The World event. In exchange for a spot in the event Hoge will be able to use these funds to market the event and reach a larger audience. This event is still a Hoge event, yet we are proud to have NOIDEA as a sponsor since their contribution will help us reach a larger audience and ensure that we provide an event to be remembered! No Idea will include the HOGE token as part of their promotional material of their own accord with no requirement from the Hoge community.

They believe in the power of HOGE and will be providing some of their engineers and covering the cost for the talent so we can have stronger products in the near future. This shows a strong commitment to our community from NOIDEA and they are very excited to help us grow a collaborative product and service line for the HOGE Community to expand our reach.

While we have done some vetting of the project, this is NOT an endorsement of No Idea. The NoIdea team is not yet doxxed, and in their own words, they “promise nothing” so “expect nothing”. However, the benefit to Hoge seemed clear, and so the persons organizing the Adam & Scotty event felt that we should move forward with the deal.

It is possible we will see more partnerships like this in the future. As always, DYOR, and do not consider a partnership with Hoge as an endorsement of another project. While Hoge representatives will do their best to verify partner projects, there can never be solid guarantees. Be sure to always do your own research and to stay safe.
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