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Update on behalf of Hoge Association


Mar 30, 2021
If you follow Hoge Finance, you would have already heard the news: earlier this month, Wasso, a Hoge team member and a significant contributor to the community suffered a wallet hack that resulted in the theft of his Hoge holdings. Law enforcement and the CipherTrace team are working to track the stolen tokens and we’re hopeful that our friend and collaborator will be made at least partially whole.

Although Wasso's loss saddens us all as we have always strived to put emphasis on the security of our users, there has been little change in the everyday operations of Hoge. Wasso has made it very clear that although he will be working on other projects to make up for his loss, he is not leaving Hoge. He has in fact continued to help despite this situation which speaks volume about the character of the people we have here.

All that being said, Hoge is strong precisely because it is driven by a community of passionate people from all walks of life and not a single team. Not only is this an inherently advantageous structure in an industry that relies on people exchanging tokens among each other, it also removes the fallibility of having a single point of failure in a situation such as this one. Hoge is a true DeFi project. Although leadership arises even in decentralized endeavors, we have been diffusing power and responsibilities which has made us more resilient and allowed us to weather this storm more effectively. As you have noticed, we no longer refer to any working group as the Core Team for precisely this reason. The spoils of the efforts we put into this community are shared among us all, as it should be. This is what we mean by DeFi done right.

It is important for us as a community and for any investor looking into our project to understand that while Wasso certainly played an important role and was loved by the Hoge community, he was but a small part of the collective effort that has allowed Hoge to achieve everything it has. Just as Wasso stepped up to fill a gap in business development in April, we have already seen several community members step up to carry the torch forward.

Hoge is now in fact more ambitious than ever. Code is being written, teams are being formed and partnerships are brewing. Brace yourselves, there is a second wind coming. Here are a few initiatives in the Hoge Finance pipeline that will be discussed in the AMA today:

• Our #HOGEeverwhere initiative aims to make Hoge available, well, everywhere. From BSCs Pancakeswap to Fantom, our bridges powered by Anyswap have allowed Hoge to cross chains and provide access to more communities everyday. And this is just the beginning for #HOGEeverywhere, as we work to make Hoge the token your grandmother asks you about.

• Hoge University, our online DeFi video education course, which provides authoritative crypto education to empower everyone, even crypto noobs, to learn about and take part in DeFi done right.

• Our upcoming establishment as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which will allow the full realization of our DeFi vision, allowing Hoge token holders a direct vote in the future of Hoge Finance by doing away with hierarchical leadership structures.

At Hoge, we’re looking to the future and we’re excited about what we see.

Our vision is for long term transformation that disrupts the centralized finance model of yesterday. And those long term prospects continue to look extremely bright.
Apr 5, 2021
We continue moving hoge forward. Although what happened to Wasso was very unfortunate, we need to carry on that torch between the whole community. This is what the DAO is all about and this is the only token of its kind to be organized like this. Let’s keep building the hoge brand and others will come. I can’t wait for that second wind to come.

As someone else put it eloquently, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We are preparing ourselves now and when opportunity presents itself we’ll capitalize in it.
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