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Marketing Concept

Jun 9, 2021
I wanted to recommend a marketing idea. There is an American YouTube Amateur Fight Channel called Streetbeefs. They are an organization that I’ve followed for many years and have watched the channel progress. I do not agree with hiring “professional” marketers that do not understand or respect crypto. Instead, buying more equipment or supporting a gym would have a direct impact along with providing recurring marketing. Streetbeefs provide a very positive message that is dedicated to preventing gun violence. I understand that there are portions of the world no longer dealing with this inhumane level of violence but it is still very real to many in America. Before every match, sponsors are thanked and that could be all that is asked from Hoge. I am not affiliated with Streetbeefs but would much rather see money spent on gym equipment/keeping actual people from shooting each other than spent on billboards to pump the price. I would try to coordinate something like this but how do people usually respond to random messages from the internet? The videos get a lot of views and have considerable replay value. In addition, combat sports always draw a crowd. I live in the US and can state that, due to their ridiculous tv licensing agreements, most people I know no longer watch any of the major sports. Hopefully, someone can run with this as I am just trying to help. Please let me know if anyone would like me to expand further.
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