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Hoge At BTC 2021 - A live Recap With Wiser and Wasso


Apr 1, 2021
Hoge Family. We want to talk to you about our experiences with the BTC conference.
This conference Wasso and I have been at this weekend has been the single most bullish experience of my or wassos time at hoge.
We have spent every waking minute meeting every person possible to talk about Hoge opportunities.
We have waited outside of backstage doorways just to flag down Chief officers of exchanges just to set up coffees and talk about Hoge..... successfully!
My fanny pack (dont knock it till you try it) is literally filled with business cards from exchanges, payment providers, developers, investors, and Hoge believers.

Talking to some of the biggest names in the crypto space about our project has made us realize even more that Hoge is not just a meme coin trying to compete in our little corner of the market, we are at the ground level of a potential staple token of the crypto world.

We want to schedule a voice chat to tell the community about our experience and progress.

Lets all talk about this together.
This is your token, your decision,
your moonshot.

6:00 PM EST, Monday June 7th, Twitter Spaces
See you there, you beautiful apes
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