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Hoge Community Standards & Values

Hoge Nation,

After several months of developing as a community, we are excited to present these documents as the first drafts for our community standards and platform moderation.

Our Global Community Standards includes the vision, mission statements, and values our community will be held to. These balanced principles ensure each community member is treated fairly and equally no matter their views, background, or geography. This will be a new standard for interacting collaboratively.

It’s important to note that these are all living documents meant for the governance models to own their maintenance and growth moving forward. This will involve several units such as the social platforms, admins/mods, as well as the community at large. This is in line with the DAO model being presented, we each act as a representative and champion of Hoge.

If you want to be a part of the future growth of Hoge, we are always seeking people with all types of skill sets. We are in the process of creating easier access and better methodology for joining the Hoge team, for now please feel free to join the community and organically find your happy place. The CR Unit, committees, and remaining community look forward to your valuable feedback & initiative!

Your friend,



Special thank you to the members involved in this creation on behalf of the greater community: : TheDan : : Percival : : Mumu : : Z : : Disrupt Reality : : DNSK : : thatjusthappened : : Fomo Finn : : Hoge Tetra : : Caleb : : Hoge & Doge : : Shane C : : Markuu : : Jeff Ayers : : Linsanity : : Boo BalooFUDbuster : : Yoko : : Pro Pie : : Saraha : : Hoge Steve : : KatieCans : : M v R : : wandong : : Charlie : : Russell Armand : : Nuclear Unicorn : : Eduardo : : BlaqkHoge : : Tammi King : : Invoker Sama : : Dan : : Mr. Graphene Hands : :
Hicham Andre : : Johann : : Mr. O’ : : 3D Moe : : Aloe : : Hoge & Doge :


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  • Full TG MOD Code of Conduct.pdf
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  • Enhanced Violations_Appeals Process.pdf
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Reddit Number One
Apr 6, 2021
Excellent document and very well written. We have such a great team behind us that take this project very seriously. This is just another stepping stone in this wonderful journey. Thank you for doing this!


Mar 17, 2021
Under the telegram standards it states;

Co-Admins: TheDan & *Hogeman (tbd and change in the future, core members will not be admins or mods.

Is this still the plan or does Hogeman prefer to stay owner and a moderator of the main Hoge crime channel?
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