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Introducing Hoge Raids

May 11, 2021

Attention #HOGENATION! Are you ready to get trending? We thought so... To combine our efforts regarding social media exposure, a Hoge Raids Twitter Account has been created by @OffOneStock (link: https://twitter.com/HogeRaids). Get ready for planned raids, memes and giveaways & much more. It’s time we take the throne back!

We’re also Happy to Announce The Birth of “Hoge Raids” Chats over at http://discord.gg/hoge and https://t.me/joinchat/JzeObPLmm8ZlYjI5 🥳

We’ll be Hosting a Discord Voice Chat TODAY!

Got Leadership? Got Talent? 👀

Join Us. This Thursday, June 3, 2021
@ 8pm GMT | 10pm CET | 4pm ET

Everyone’s INVITED! ❤️


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Mar 20, 2021
i saw a bunch of twitter light up with hoge. that was easy and fun to do thank you!

what are you thinking for a next round etc?
May 11, 2021
i saw a bunch of twitter light up with hoge. that was easy and fun to do thank you!

what are you thinking for a next round etc?
Thank you! I really appreciate the positive feedback we've received to so far. I'm kind of busy right now, but Louis (the guy managing the twitter raids account) has planned a raid for this week:

He told me this:

"I mainly wanted to do this raid since I have committed to do a weekly raid every Friday picked by the community and so that we don’t lose momentum. Plus there’s just 2 days left til Friday. Most definitely will be implementing some sort of hashtag to get trending for “Doge&Hoge” for next Friday (June 19th). For now, this will raid will be to build a bigger audience in our Twitter raid page. So kinda like warming up and building up to it and so that we have more time and this time announce it immediately after. So that we have a whole week to let people know to check back in."

Regarding the hashtag #DiamondBalls for the upcoming raid tomorrow (June 11th) he said the following:

"The #DiamondBalls will be a way for us to also comment on other memecoins. For example: Safemoon makes a tweet and if we or their own community comment #DiamondBalls and they click on it we will pop up first.

Plus I feel like everyone uses #DiamondHands and our hoge memes and tweets will be left behind. #DiamondBalls is a newly emerging hashtag that recently is starting to gain popularity due to the “Dogeboy” jumping on stage at Bitcoin Miami.

I was thinking of using the roadmap as a way of encouraging the hoge community to hold as well as the people who know of us but have yet to invest due to our current down trend. And a way to do that is by providing them a clear vision as to “why #HodLHoge” as there’s lots of exciting things coming up."

This guy deserves so much credit, he's doing a 10/10 job. Imo he's our guy to get the Twitter exposure going.

I have a few things planned long-term, including:

  • to build a team of committed people to lead our twitter raid efforts (5-15 people who manage the social media account(s), post annoucements, pick raid targets & hashtags)
  • to build a bridge between platforms so raid annoucements reach as many HOGE holders as possible (get announcements out on tg main chat and price discussion, twitter, reddit)
  • to build a twitter account which coordinates the raids and involves the community in process (picking hashtags, tweets to raid, collecting memes for a raid, keeping people interested -> he planned "raid seasons" with specific themes) -> as I said, Louis (@OffOneStock on tg) is doing this on his own with excellent results
  • to bring in content/meme creators to create high-quality visuals for our memes and infographics
  • for the raids team mentioned above to work on the following things:
    • to convert the rational arguments/information about HOGE into high quality bite-sized/humorous/fomo-inducing comments and memes/infographics. The output also should be accustomed to the market conditions and the target group
    • based off that, create a portfolio (memes, comments, infographics) which makes it easy for people to post/shill hoge (to just copy & paste or to get inspiration from); long-term a portfolio specific to a weekly raid would be optimal
    • to work out a long-term strategy regarding which communities on twitter to interact with (e.g. DOGE, DeFi, Crypto in general, celebrities - this is very important since we have to get outside our bubble to reach new people) and HOGE "meta" (everything from meme design to what HOGE is/wants to be at the core and what makes it unique compared to other meme coins)
    • to work out plans for other communities (reddit, instagram, possibly 4chan - ideal would be to have experts for each platform)
    • to hold a weekly voice chat about the topics mentioned above to brainstorm new ideas and derive concrete action plans (according to polls we've conducted most people would like that to take place on twitter spaces)

So far, most of our social media efforts have been organized by the community itself in a decentralised way in the tg chat for example. I think this has it's advantages, but for us to join our forces and bring out the best out of the community, there has to be a core group of committed people to work out a long-term plan and to structure things.

So far it's only me and @OffOneStock at the core of this endeavour, so if you are interested in improving the HOGE social media impact and are looking for a committed and supportive team to realize your ideas, we are looking for you!

Atm our most active channel is the Hoge Raids telegram chat (see https://t.me/joinchat/JzeObPLmm8ZlYjI5).

Best regards,

Lars/junken (@jknmA on tg, @junkenmA on twitter)
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