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Release of Hoge Legal Documents (and Announcement of Legal AMA)


Mar 30, 2021
Hello Hoge holders!

It’s been a long time coming, and we are finally ready to release our legal documents for those of you who are interested in the nitty gritty details (a number of you asked), or who just want to see them to know that Hoge is, in fact, legal!

Release of Legal Documents

The attached legal documents are as follows:

· The attached Articles of Association for the Hoge Association, with registered offices in Zug, Switzerland, which became effective on 22nd April 2021. This is the Swiss Entity that was formed to represent the DAO, as described in our previous announcement “Hoge is Legal” under Official Announcements on Hoge Nation. The articles can be changed by way of Extraordinary General meeting, or we can amend these as we create more structure ( Project Unite, voting options, etc ) with the first General meeting.

· The linked Swiss Code is referenced in the Articles of Association. The “Hoge is Legal” announcement has some more details about the set up.

· We have also attached the Certificate of Incorporation of Hoge U.K. LTD, which was created on the 9th April for purposes of signing an exchange listing ( Big One ), considering that the Association was not ready at that time. The listing agreement was signed with the UK company and that agreement has been replaced now and transferred from the UK company to the Swiss Association. The UK company still exists, and may be used in the future if it is ever advantageous to do so. The board of directors of the UK company is the same as the Founders of the Swiss Association (Andreea M, F, and Mesh) and the sole shareholder is the Hoge Association.

Note on French Company

On 20th March, we announced the formation of a French entity of Hoge Finance. This entity was to serve the same purpose as the Hoge U.K. LTD entity, described above. As the process for forming the French entity was delayed, we instead formed the Hoge U.K. LTD entity, the incorporation of which was facilitated by Andreea M.

Registry of Swiss Association

We plan to register the Hoge Association with the official Registry of Companies in the Canton of Zug Chamber of Commerce. This will allow Hoge to operate easier with third parties, when we need to enter into any agreements.

Appointments of Lukas Wadsack and Luca Moretti

Registry requires Hoge to have a person from Zug on the board of the Association, and Lukas Wadsack has been appointed to the board for this purpose. The Wadsack office is offering us the registered address for the Association and also they are dealing with all the formalities required in Zug. We plan to introduce Lukas Wadsack to the community next week, and we are currently working out the details of an AMA.

To form the Swiss Association we employed the services of Luca Moretti, Attorney at Law, who is already part of our legal team and has also been appointed to the board of the Association. Luca Moretti is a Swiss lawyer that has been involved in crypto start ups. All the advice related to the format of the Swiss Association has been done by him. He will have an AMA on Twitter Spaces hosted by Hoge Historian on the 4th of June at 8:00 PM UTC.

Both Lukas Wadsack and Luca Moretti are professional lawyers, and we are comfortable to have them overseeing all regulatory requirements in Switzerland. Both will be involved in the legal advice related to major contracts, to make sure that everything we do is well checked and in line with regulations and with no risks in relation to the brand and so on.

Swiss Civil Code information: https://www.fedlex.admin.ch/eli/cc/24/233_245_233/en#id-ni2-ni6-ni8

Please feel free to address any questions, as we will collect these to answer during our next AMA.

Thank you,

Mesh, Florin & Andreea M


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