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May 26, 2021
Hi would I would like to discuss having more scheduled twitter spaces/ama’s, we’ve had about 6/7 twitter spaces so far and were lucky if we’ve had 12 hours combined notice, 4 of them we had no prior notice at all. If we had them scheduled consistently then we could have a lot more engagement.
I would like to see us having daily discussions even 2 per day so that we appeal to multiple timezones, practically everyone has been around 2/3am for Europe, I get that most of our engagement comes from the USA but if we don’t appeal to other time zones then this is always going to be the case.
Ideally we should have a main twitter space/ama every Sunday at either 7,8,9,10pm GMT so that people in Europe can listen in the evening and Americans can listen in the afternoon. (open to changing the time frames depending on the level of engagement)
I feel that there’s more than enough information that could be discussed on a daily twitter space, we don’t always have to centre every discussion around Hoge we could talk about general crypto news (pick an article from coin telegraph), security, have guest speakers etc.
When we have a twitter space we should be posting well in advance on twitter, discord, reddit, Hoge nation, pinned telegram messages and in the telegram announcement channel, we should also have multiple time zones listed on each announcement, it’s a lot easier for one person to add the times then it is for hundreds of people to check a time converter.
Also when we have a twitter space I think it would be a good idea to have someone receiving questions via dm and then reading out the question for someone to answer because not everyone feels comfortable speaking in voice chats.
I feel that twitter has the most potential for us to reach new users but we aren’t using it to our full advantage, I’m not one for talking in voice chats myself but would be happy to help organising the announcements and creating posts etc.
Let me know your views I welcome the feedback. Thanks
Mar 30, 2021
I agree and I’ll continue to ask for more as well. Twitter spaces provides the community with much greater visibility and exposure to potential investors. It should be leveraged as frequently as possible.
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