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Proposal Project Unite - another step into Hoge DAO

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Apr 13, 2021
Greetings Hoge Nation,

The Hoge Community has been on an amazing journey over the past 100 days. Throughout this process we have had many lessons learned, debates, ideas and suggestions about a future organizational structure for the Hoge project. At the same time, Hoge has grown significantly and we have welcomed many new members to our Community. To better represent the inner workings of our future Community as Hoge Nation and the Hoge brand, the attached proposal dubbed ‘Project Unite’ has been drafted.

The goal of this proposal is to lay out a number of events over the next 100 days that will bring about the inception of the Hoge Nation model.

• The first page shows two graphics demonstrating the current phase of the project as well as a roadmap towards the Hoge Hybrid DAO model. This illustrates the amazing opportunities that lie ahead and calls for all Community members to collaborate on finding the best solutions for the milestones to be achieved.

• The second page shows the bigger picture of the various clusters that have formed around the project and how they interact with each other, with the Hoge Association at the center. This great development was made possible through our diverse Community social channels. This page also lists the Hoge Coordinator teams and responsibilities.

• The third page shows a representation of a Unit structure which will be expanded across all Hoge clusters. Using this type of framework will allow further development of the Hoge project but also we as a Community will have both an enhanced medium for collaboration and working environment. This will provide a new catalyst for our next stage of growth as a project, allow us to harness the talents or our Community, and empower us to tokenize our passions.

All Hoge Community members are invited to spread this message far and wide and to leave their thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.
I will say, this is amazing. As someone with high level of marketing / brand strategy / large corporations team building skills, I have reached out several times on discord offering help and or assistance where needed blindly not knowing who’s who. This will certainly help connect and fill roles with more efficiency, with assurance your in touch with the right people.
Apr 6, 2021
This is great, really good. Timing is excellent, finally we are seeing a really promising structure with a proper vision for the future. My belief had briefly been shaken over the past couple of days but this is a sword to slay any doubts anyone might have had about the future growth of hoge.
Mar 30, 2021
Hoge Philosophy - As forwarded By Theodore "Ted" Logan, and William S Preston, ESQ.

Whilst traversing thru time, and encountering the philosophical brother so-crates, Bill and Ted read his tablet, which is inscribed:

“The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing”​

Upon which Ted exclaims : "That's us dude!"

And of course, the overarching mantra of two dudes:

“Be excellent to each other”​


I like the proposal. There's some work to do for sure, and really the faster we can get down to discussion and hashing out details, I think the more coordinated we can become on moving forward. The core system itself operating as a DAO is going to be great, but first we need to reel in the community, align goals and future plans, centralize knowledge, brand awareness, legal issues / concerns with brand, marketing copy (approved) and so on. The faster we grow - the more time we could end up putting out fires rather than starting our own fun because we start losing coordination within the community.

I hope I get the chance to help out on any front there. There's a lot of substance in those 3 pages, and that's just the 50k ft overview.
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