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Official Metamask To Ledger Tutorial


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Apr 6, 2021
I decided to put together a little tutorial on how to add an additional layer of security to your Metamask wallet by connecting your hardware wallet. In this tutorial, Ledger will be covered. I followed those simple steps with my Ledger Nano X without any issues.

1 - Create an account on Metamask. Store your password and 12 word seed phrase on a piece of paper somewhere safe. Do not use any sort of extension or online document to store them.

2 - Download the Ethereum application on Ledger Live. HOGE is an ERC20 token and is supported by the Ethereum application. You will NOT be able to see your balance on Ledger Live as it is not yet supported. Make sure that you allow contract data in the Ledger Live as well.

3 - Make sure your Ethereum application is running on your Ledger and go to Metamask. When you click your avatar, you have the option at add a hardware wallet. Select Ledger and select your receiving address from the list. You can figure out your receiving address on Ledger Live by clicking Receive and then going through the steps on your Ledger Nano. Make sure both the address on Metamask and on your Nano matches.

4 - Congratulations, you have now connected your Ledger Nano to Metamask and you should see a new account pop on your main screed.

5 - Add the custom token HOGE to both the hardware and non-hardware wallet on Metamask by copy/pasting the address directly found on Hoge.finance. You should see the custom HOGE token appear in both wallets.

6 - Buy some Ethereum on any exchange and send it to your non-hardware wallet on Metamask. Remember, you always need some Ethereum for any transaction on the Ethereum Network. You should always have some spare Ethereum on the sending wallet.

7 - In Metamask, use the transfer between accounts function and send HOGE from your non-hardware wallet to your hardware wallet. It will cost you Ethereum.


With ERC 20 transfers, during high gas periods, Metamask automatic gas limit is scuffed. Most Hoge transfers use 180000 gas limit while the default for Metamask is 100000. Change your gas limit to 180000 and it will go through and will cost an extra 5-10 in gas since it will not use most of the gas you give it. -


8 - Check the balance in your Hardware wallet. You will lose an additional 2% because of the redistribution and burn, this is totally normal and worth the piece of mind in my opinion. It will continue to auto-stake in the hardware wallet.

9 - As far as I understand, haven't done it yet, but every time anything leaves your Ledger Nano from now, you will have to confirm it physically on the device. You can now also send your HOGE directly from Whitebit or another exchange to your hardware wallet on Metamask.

10 - If you need to exit and sell HOGE, you will have to send some Ethereum to your hardware wallet as this would now be your sending wallet.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below!

Edit : You won't be able to see your balance on mobile either. You will have to go through the Metamask Chrome extension. Make sure to lock your Metamask account when you exit the browser and only keep one window open for security when you are checking your account.
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